October 16th, 2007

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The Pirate Mrs. Gulch

I put together kind of a weird outfit today. It took me halfway through the day to figure out how to characterize it, but I think I've got it: Mrs. Gulch as a Pirate. The shirt is kind of pirate-y but also just like the one Mrs. Gulch has on in Wizard of Oz. And the skirt is high-waisted with a big buckle on it, very Victorian, but the hemlines is intentionally all jagged with threads hanging down, like it was hacked with a knife. So I'm the Pirate Mrs. Gulch.

The one thing missing? Hair? If I had some long hair I could make into some kind of pirate-y-yet-prim bun, I would do it.

Also? Glad I didn't wear the knee-high black boots I was going to today, before I realized the pirate factor.