October 20th, 2007

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From the Dept. of What The Hell

So a lot of stuff's been going on, reading a bunch of stuff, doing a bunch of stuff, and I haven't written about it. An update:

Harry Potter
Just got Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen in the mail. Yes, because the thing of the moment is for me to read popular sci fi / fantasy books in German. Just read Erdsee, and I just got two more of those books in the mail, plus the German translation of the first Wraeththu book. So hey, never read Harry Potter and I know it's something at kids' reading level, so give it a shot I will. Just read about 6 pages and right now Mr. Dursley is realizing something really odd is going on.

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Cat Play Time
Last night Caleb showed up over here with his cat Sophie. She hasn't been over for a visit for a couple of months, since they both had ringworm, which is contagious. But now they're better and meanwhile, Luckie's attitude has improved. She was so much better about Sophie than she was before. She was a lot calmer and there was far less hissing. It's true Sophie did stage an attack, rushing up all of a sudden, but Luckie won that battle and Sophie had to slink away. Later, after Sophie left, Luckie went to a toy the intruder'd been playing with and destroyed it, in effigy or something.

The Drought
You may have heard on the news about the drought in Georgia. It's true. It doesn't look or feel like a drought-stricken place, but indeed the water supply is in serious, serious trouble. Our main reservoir has only a few weeks' water left and right now the city/region is sucking it dry like somebody sucking a shake out with a straw. Rain? We've forgotten what it is.

FLCL (Furi Kuri / Fooly Cooly)
So Outworlders' "Anime Night" got moved over to Ken's house tonight and, since that's actually convenient to me, I decided to go. We watched a whole series, since it was short, only 6 episodes. We were warned by the host that FLCL was strange but, um, not THAT strange. The whole thing was like an animated surrealist art film. I think I understood about 1/10 of it. Apparently the DVD comes with a booklet explaining the "symbolism" of it and there's a manga, but really, I just told myself it was "artistic" and stopped trying to make sense out of it after a while. Meanwhile I downed some Pizza Hut pizza the other people ordered. It's been a long time since I had Pizza Hut and I have to say, it'll be a cold day in hell before I have any more. Cardboard! Ugh.

More Cat Fun
On the way back from Alon's this morning, the boys and I were talking about cats. Then on the way past Daniel's building, who do I run into but this guy who rides the Emory shuttle in to work with me every day. He lives in that building and has two cats, some version of bobcat, who were there. And there was a dog who lives with his roommate. And then there were several other dogs. Then Daniel brought down Pugsley. All the animals were there on the sidewalk -- 2 orange bobcats, two little black and white dogs, a spaniel of some kind, a Great Dane, and a gray Maine Coon. It was a spectacle. The only animal who seemed unhappy was Pugsley. He can be grumpy.

40s Music on XM
Been listening to the 40s station on XMRadio, which I get via DirectTV. Love it. I grew up listening to Big Band and other 30s and 40s music and I'm quite fond of it. One thing I've noticed lately is just how good the vocals are, both for men and women. The men have these amazing high voices often and the women's voices are so strong and beguiling. Nobody sings like that anymore.

Word Games
I've reached the halfway point the 200-puzzle New York Times Crossword puzzle I got. Yes, I've done over 100 puzzles, in less than a month. Scary! Over on Facebook, I'm playing a dozen simultaneous games of Scrabulous and getting better all the time. I still get creamed sometimes, but other times I'm brilliant and score like 300.