October 26th, 2007

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From fridayfiver - Work and Play

1. What is sweet?
When my mom sends me little random presents at random times or gives me my birthday present five months after the fact, when she's finally found it somewhere or remembered what it was. My favorite recent example was the houseplant pot she sent, along with some pens and a not about how it's *not* a pot, it's a pen holder. With a sticker on the pot saucer saying "For tacks." Later, on the phone, she explained that plant pots are great for this since they're heavy and don't tip over. I made sure to bring it with me from my office at ARC and now I use it here at Emory. She's right, it doesn't tip over.

Also sweet? When Caleb calls me from somewhere like Harry's asking if I want any Rote Gruetze, this sour berry compote type thing they sell in the German section. It's out in Sandy Springs and I'd never go over there, but he's around there for work sometimes. He is very thoughtful.

2. What hours do you work?
Regular job 9-6:30 MF. Metro Girl work, usually something every evening M-F, even if it's just 30 minutes. Usually that work is maintenance stuff but I'll also squeeze in larger projects over several nights. On the weekend I'll often work on larger projects, like major udpates, new designs, complex work I need some hours for, etc. Lately I've had a lot more free time as far as this stuff goes, but there is always something I need to do. (Right now, big update on my sculptor client's site.)

3. When do you relax?
I almost always relax when I'm just home from work. I watch TV, play with the cat, read, play online Scrabble. Anything mindless will do. So I generally don't start my after-work work until 8 or later.

4. How did you learn about the birds and the bees?
I always watched a lot of science shows on PBS even as a little little kid and got a bunch of info from that -- definitely knew where babies came from by the time I was 5. I got a more explicit explanation when I was 6 or 7 and my school counselor, who met with me a couple times a week, gave me Where Did I Come From? to read. I think she did it because I was developing so quickly and was so damn precocious, she wanted to make sure I was well informed. The funniest thing about that book was that the drawings of the mom and dad looked a lot like my parents.

5. Friday fill-in:

The good vibes flow ____.

The good vibes flow when I flip the on switch.