October 27th, 2007

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“Oh I'm sad. It's just the Saturday before Halloween and Kel and I had planned to go to the night tours of open cemetery. And I ran into some neighbours today who said make sure you're early you know, coz they've been having a lot of crowd. So we went we thought it was early at like 8:00 and we we showed up and the volunteer there was like oh we're not taking any more people because of, this is a 2hr wait. So we went and turned right around to get on the train and then unfortunately like Chandler managed to get on the train coz it was just coming and I could not because it's turnstile didn't work and then I couldn't get up this huge flight of stairs fast enough. So now I'm waiting around here. I should have just gone to the Anwilder's(?) party. Maybe this was like some kind of punishment coz I should have gone to the Anwilder's(?) party. But I was like oh no no no no it's too far away. I don't know, I didn't do enough investigating. And now I'm gonna go home and Kel I think is waiting at my house and we're gonna like watch a movie and I'm gonna make bluedees(?). How exciting. Oh well it doesn't always work out how I want but hey.”

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