October 28th, 2007

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Board Spam

I've dealt with all kinds of spam over the years and I've learned to deal, but for the past couple of months I've been very annoyed, and helpless, versus message board spam.

I run a couple of message boards and while it's easy to block spam from the actual forums by requiring posters to joins, it seems impossible to stem the tide of spam-robots who keep registering as "users." They don't get to post, but I have to delete these things one at a time. For the board on Storm's site, I get a dozen "sign-ups" a day and none of them are ever real!

I can spot the fakes in half a second by username, email and web site (usually www.porn0s.com) but what really annoys me is that I have to go in and delete these things one by ONE. I couldn't even do that until I installed an extension module, as the base model doesn't have a delete function.

I swear, it's almost enough to make me want to close membership on the board and link to a "Want to join? Prove you're real!" form. Then I'd add users one by one. But would that form also get spammed? Even if it did, at least I could just delete the damn emails.

UPDATE: Just deleted about 50 of these on SC's board and barely made a dent. There are about 350 of them waiting to be deleted. I need to remember to do it every week.
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Electric Company - Spidey-Man

Over the past few months I've been enjoying the fact that people keep adding Electric Company"videos. Now when I was a wee child, I was glued to the TV when it came to PBS and EC, along with Sesame Street, 3-2-1 Contact, and many mores shows were the reason.

So I'm looking at this opening from Season 3 and the music sounds really familiar. It sounds like... something from Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Am I wrong here? Meanwhile, enjoy some EC videos under the cut, all "Spidey-Man" bits. These must have just been posted recently, as I'd be looking for these...

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