October 29th, 2007

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Hogwarts PDAs

Had my first Harry Potter dream last night.

Sooooo typical of me: Instead of getting their news via owls, the daily newspaper and gossip, Hogwarts students all have PDAs with RSS newsreaders that allow them to get not just the news but blogs, daily magic tips and more. If Hogwarts had an IT department, I definitely could see it. But alas, computers are apparently a Muggle thing,which is tragic because magically enhanced computers = cool.


On a related note, I'll be posting some thoughts on HP later, now that I've got through at least one book, but for now let me say I was surprised, when I checked a timeline online, that the series is supposedly set in the 90s. Um, what? I've always had the impression that it was the 30s or 40s, because they are obviously living outside time as far as England is concerned. Just very anachronistic really. I guess it's really not so weird considering there's an awful lot about HP that fails to make sense. Not that it isn't entertaining (yes, it is!), but you'll hurt your head trying to make sense of it. Much of what happens seems to be simply based on whatever fancy came into JKR's head.
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HP, Sleep and Accomplishments

Harry Potter

As I posted earlier today, I finished the first HP book. I read it in German, because don't you know, that's the new fad. It was super easy to read -- didn't even bother carrying around my pocket dictionary because I just didn't need it enough. I found it quite entertaining and yes, I can see why people get so hooked into it. While I would definitely classify it as light reading compared to most of what I read, lacking the sorts of social relevance and juicy sex I tend to enjoy (he he), it was a good ride. I guess it's like movies -- there are movies you know aren't "deep" or anything but are reallllly fun. (Example: Transformers. 'Nuf said.)

So I think I will be going have gone to Amazon.de shortly and ordering ordered books 2 and 3, which are only 9 euros each or something like that. Meanwhile I have 2 more Earthsea books and the first Wraeththu book in German to read, so I definitely am getting practice at reading fantasy books in my second language.

And my favorite HP character? Hagrid.

Later I will post some additional observations.

Weekend = Sleep

For the past few months, I've fallen into a habit of sleeping for much of the weekend. It's like my body and mind get together on Saturday and say "That's it, you are going to SLEEP, woman!"

Case in point, this weekend. Friday night I was super tired, and incredibly, went to bed sometime before 10. In the morning Caleb woke me up at 9:30 to set the time for breakfast. We all went over to Alon's and I was awake enough for that, but almost as soon as I got home, I went back to bed for a couple of hours. I woke up, managed to eat lunch, do some crosswords and online Scrabble, but within a couple hours I was back in bed -- another couple of hours! Altogether I think I slept about 16 hours in under 24 hours. Considering I usually sleep 6-7/night, that's impressive. Sunday I slept 'til 10:30 and only had one nap.

I really ought to get more sleep. Too often I'm falling asleep on the shuttle bus in the morning or even at my desk, especially after lunch. I should not look at 11 p.m. and think "Whoo hoo, two more hours to do stuff!" Midnight seems like a good cut-off.

Some Things Accomplished

Despite sleeping late and feeling rather sleepy and lazy all yesterday, I managed to...

take care of a lot of dirty dishes
do several loads of laundry
pick up the apartment
go shopping for pet stuff
change Luckie's litter
enter receipts for the past week
pay 6-7 outstanding bills
scrub the bathtub

There were several things I didn't get around to, mostly client work and putting together a weight-loss strategy, but overall, I'm impressed I managed as much as I did. I pretty much just wanted to sleep all day!
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Mom's giftgiving

Got my birthday present from Mom this morning -- L.L. Bean insulated booty slippers. She didn't get anything in August, when it was my actual birthday month, and decided she would send a "nothing gift" until she figures out what to "really" get me. I will get that present for Christmas maybe. And I will get my Christmas present in March or April. I love Mom. I like the booties too! Now when I lose my other pair I will have a backup.

As I was just mentioning to my coworker, this sort of belated giftgiving is pretty much a tradition in my family now. My birthday comes four months before Christmas but the number of times I've received Christmas presents that were meant to be birthday presents? Happens almost every year. Mom either forgets to get something, forgets what she bought, forgets where she put the thing she bought, or forgets to send it to me. Need I mention she's forgetful? At Christmas I usually get only about half her presents, since she will lose track of all of them and then she'll find them in the spring and mail them to me. He he.

On a related note, I will never stop teasing my mom about how one time when I was in high school somebody asked her what year I was in. She was like "Oh, she's a freshman, ninth grade," and I started and said, "Um, noooo... I'm at the end of sophomore year, Mom!" Mom was so surprised. "Oh, well we better start thinking about college then!" LOL. I'm glad one of us was paying attention.
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Because UMass Takes Hippies Seriously

So I'm slogging through my email and found this one from the UMass Alumni Association that cracked me UP:


A Public Symposium & Celebration
November 16-18, 2007
UMass Amherst, MA


On November 16-18, 2007 UMass Amherst will host Unbroken Chain, the first academic conference
on the legacy of the Grateful Dead to be held by a major university, and the largest Dead conference ever.


The appropriateness of this is just... BWAHAHAHAHAH. I bet there will be a work session on Phish.

Have to say, Hippies are one thing I don't miss about Massachusetts.
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iTunes Network Sharing

So am I the only person who actually takes advantage of iTunes Networks function? At home my whole building is on one network and somehow I can go and listen to the iTunes library of anybody else on the network who's logged in and doesn't have their system locked. There are 2-3 open usually and one of the guys has really good taste -- Billie Holliday, Cocteau Twins, B-52's. I can't copy/steal the MP3s, just listen to them over the network. It feels kind of like stealing bandwidth but I looked it up in iTunes Help and it' a built-in function. My iTunes is unlocked though, so anybody else who wanted to could listen to my Hedningarna, Chopin and Bjork at will!