October 30th, 2007

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New book from Northwestern Press

This sounds like a highly relevant topic for study...

New Book: How Shyness Became a Mental Illness

From the publisher: "[The author], who meticulously and systematically researched the archives of the American Psychiatric Association, uses social anxiety disorder (first dubbed social phobia) as the lens through which to analyze American psychiatry's extraordinary shift in the last 30 years from a psychoanalytic orientation relying on talk therapy to its current emphasis on neuroscience and drugs."

I've had thoughts along these lines for years and my recent experience with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) convinced me even more that some simple exercise/therapy routines or things like meditation can go a lot further, especially in the long term, than any pill (though those have their place as well). But a pharmaceutical company can't bottle CBT.
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FKN News Head Lies

In a way, I wish the news really WAS like this. Or at least some of it was. Very angry political snark...

FKN News:
Bush Promises to Bring About World Wars III, IV, V and VI


World War III is happening soon says President Bush, Because God cant wait to get on with World Wars !V, V and VI.

Humanity to split into two sub-species: stupid fuckers and really stupid fuckers.

In the UK more people must die in Afghanistan says Gordon Brown prime minister of the landless peasants of Britain under the rule of Nazi aristocracy and ready to die in large numbers whenever her majesty says so...

Oh dear. Leave it to the British to do the darkest satire. Seriously.
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Writer's Block: Happy Halloween!

Boo! How did you celebrate Halloween?

Emory has invited everybody* to dress up so I'm going in as Jerri Blank from "Strangers With Candy." I have a lot of other outfits I could do but they either involve a bunch of makeup or a wig and doing that all day would get old. Of course, if even ONE person recognizes me as Jerri Blank, it will be worth it. Got my backpack and everything!

Outside of getting dressed up, I will get a pumpkin at the sale I saw on N. Decatur Rd., carve it and bake up some pumpkin seeds. Sad to say, I have no clue what I will do in the evening. Maybe the boys and I will watch a movie? I have Cabinet of Dr. Caligari on DVD, which to me is more appropriate to watch than a "horror" movie.

* Within reason. Remember we have hundreds of healthcare workers; brain surgeons dressed like pirates or Wookies just would not do.

Long Range Trip Plan: Warsaw and Berlin

Seems like it'll be quite some time I get back to globetrotting (sigh), but nevertheless I'm starting to form some plans for my next overseas trip. If I'm going to use up my *very* hard-earned vacation time then it ought to be something memorable, eh?

Well, turns out my dear Brit friend Rob, who I've known since '92 when we were mere children, is finally tying the knot with his dear girlfriend Marta. She's from Poland and the wedding will be over there, in Warsaw I believe. Both Caleb and I are planning on going and I think it will be next summer, so I'm thinking 1) fly to Warsaw for 2-3 days and then 2) take the train to Berlin for around 4 days. Berlin is 5 hrs. west of Warsaw by EC train and hey, have I ever ridden a train through Poland? I think not! And have I gone shopping for fashion tights in a Polish department store or train kiosk? No, I haven't! And have I been to BERLIN?! No! And gone tight-shopping in Berlin? Also no, and damn, that is a shame, for surely that must be the City of Amazing Strumphhosen.

So. That is a plan of mine.