October 31st, 2007

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Brain Tic: Jo Anselburner

As sometimes happens, I've got a brain tic, i.e. a stupid thought or phrase that keeps repeating in my head over and over, like a broken record. It's even going on right now as I type this! In possible hopes that I will "excorcise" it by typing it out, here is the thought:

JO ANSELBURNER. I always thought it was Jo Anselburner. But I saw her name written out on NPR's web site and now I know it's Joanne Silberner. She says her name funny. I wonder if I'm the only one who thinks the reporter's name is Jo. I like the sound of Anselburner. Jo Anselburner. Jo Anselburner. Jo Anselburner. No, it's Joanne Silberner!

It just keeps looping around and around in my head. This happens with words, phrases, verses from songs. I'll just think the same thing, methodically, over and over again, like I'm hiccuping. I can think about other things but as soon as I'm quiet, walking down the hall, minding my own business "Jo Anselburner" will start up again.

And people wonder that I always say my greatest fear is going nuts.
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Jerri Blank

A couple of people have demanded requested pictures, so here are a couple I had a co-worker shoot this morning...

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I know the hair isn't right but other than that, I think I did well. Although so far, not one person has got the joke. Everybody seems to think I'm just dressed as a huge dork... or if they don't know me, that I'm just a huge dork. (I am that, but I mean... moreso.)
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The Drive for a Clean Hard Drive

So I'm cleaning up my HD here at work and decided to remind myself of what kind of storage I have. This Mac (PowerPC G5) has 150 GB memory! My home laptop has like 40.

What's scary is, 60 GB is filled with data. Less than half full, but, yeah, there is just absurb amounts of crap on here. After 8 months I keep thining I've gotten rid of *most* of the junk left by my predecessor, who was here 6 years, but then I'll find more.

Meanwhile the data I really need to go through is all the multimedia I've either been producing or listening to. In a lot of cases I'll have the same audio file or same video in six or seven different formats, because I was testing or converting file types. But then I don't erase the files I don't need. I think I also have about two days' worth of "Ultima Thule" ambient music podcasts.

I guess I don't really NEED to clean the hard drive, but I'm kind of anal about stuff like this. I don't want IT to come in one day wanting to upgrade me to Leopard or change the machine and ask "Do you NEED all of this?" I want to be prepared!
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Drought Update

It just gets better.

Atlanta Urinals, Fountain Run Dry as UPS, Coke Fight Drought

Of course you still see incredible waste *everywhere*. Yesterday I saw some Emory maintenance people water-blasting a stone staircase by the hospital. Um... why? And restaurants still give everybody water, whether they ask or not, and waiters top off the glass over and over. Er, thanks, but...
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Just activated a theme called "Old Factory" on Firefox so now I'm all Steampunk. There are little switches and knobs and all the edges are this sort of gritty looking metal. Generally I find skins annoying, as I prefer things to be very basic, but this one is a kind of cute and I seem able to use it, so I guess I'll test it out.