November 2nd, 2007

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Bee Movie -- Fun, Funny Movie!

Tonight after work terracinque* and I went and saw Bee Movie and it was AWESOME. Seriously, if you're like me and haven given up on all those stupid Bug's Live / Toy Story clones with talking animals/insects/cars, this is a movie to see. It's got sharp humor, fabulous puns and pop culture references (without being annoying and mean, like Shark's Tale), very creative animation and artistic direction, and it doesn't feel like a clone. It's, dare I say it, kind of original! I was either laughing or smiling the entire length of the movie. Jerry Seinfeld spent four years on this, as producer and voice star, and seems to be it was worth it. I give it an A for sure.

* 'Nother post on that later, I'm tired, just got home.
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