November 3rd, 2007

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La la la, kitty!

I've posted many times how Luckie and my budgie Pell have developed this very friendly relationship. Well, just now I was observing them interacting and it still amazes me to see Pell acting so totally unconcerned about the presence of a deadly predator and Luckie meanwhile acting resigned to the fact she will never win out over the ultimate cat toy.

To illustrate, let me describe what I just saw. I went over to the cage where Pell was sitting grooming herself. I was talking to her and giving her attention so of course Luckie, not to be left out. Pell jumped down to the floor of the cage and went right up to Luckie to, um, say hi I guess. And as usual, Luckie put her face up to the cage bars and Pell tweaked her on the nose. He he.

Pell doesn't give a care. She hopped onto a perch a couple inches away and fluffed her feathers, stretched her wings and continued grooming herself, i.e. went into classic "I don't care, I'm quite content" birdy behavior. Every time Luckie got a little closer, Pell would hop over, nip her nose, whiskers or paw, and then go back to what she was doing.

Eventually Pell moved across the cage and hopped onto a perch to eat a seed treat. Her back was turned to Luckie so the cat sneakily tries to paw the bit of tailfeather sticking through the bars. Pell doesn't miss a beat, turning and tweaking the silly cat on her paw. And then goes back to eating.

LOL. This is a tiny bird that must weight all of 30 g or something, basically nothing, but I guess it's all about attitude!
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Last night, as my cookies bake

While my molasses cookies are in the oven, let me do a quick recap of last night's outing with Vandy Beth (terracinque).

It began with a single-word text message ("Movie?") and evolved into meeting up at the Moreland Ave. target around 5:30, getting dinner at Atlantic Station and then popping into the Regal 16 for Bee Movie.

This experience was cheery and amusing, which is good because I swear we spent the next hour enduring bad parking karma! Went to my neighborhood to go to Slice, couldn't park anywhere, so we went up to Baraonda on 3rd St., only to find there was no parking near there either. Feeling desperate and resigned, we went down Ponce to Fellini's, and got a space... just as a party of like 30 walked in ahead of us. So we left and went to the Fellini's in Candler Park, which as expected had plenty of parking and plenty of room. (People in that neighborhood go to bed at 9, I'm guessing.) I swear though, people think it's bizarre I don't drive but I am SO glad I don't have to search for parking like that.

So we each had a beer and I had a slice of pizza. We headed back to my neighborhood around 10:30, 11 I guess and yay, there was a parking space on Broad. Vandy Beth came up and checked out my place, got to meet the critters. Luckie hid behind the bed of course. Finally we were both rather flagging so we parted for the night.

See, look, I spent a Friday night outside of my place and even without Caleb!

The one regret I have from last night is that I was having a mega bout of verbal diarrhea. Could NOT stop talking. I was hyper all day and I think being out with somebody new led me to nervously prattle away. I kept willing myself to stop but it kept happening. If somebody transcribed the conversation between us, I bet it would be 100 pages of me, 20 of her. Sorry terracinque, my bad :( I really have tried to improve on the conversation front, now that I'm more aware of my failings, but yesterday I did a really suck job of it.