November 8th, 2007

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Pain and suffering

Woke up feeling like somebody'd tried murdering me in my sleep. Managed to shower, dress and have breakfast, then wrangled Luckie into the pet carrier and get her to her vet appt. Head was killing me the whole time but I managed to get through it. So glad there were no barking dogs! And Luckie is healthy as all get out. I was told not to worry about her missing front teeth.

After I'd made the return trip, headed in to work. While waiting for the shuttle over by Crawford Long Hospital, I was feeling so rotten I was thinking of popping in to see my doctor, whose office is right there. Waves and waves of pain in my head and neck, with related nausea and this feeling that I could barely see straight.

Got to work around 11:15 and took some aspirin, but after an hour it was clear my head was on strike. So after gathering up a couple of urgent tasks and taking care of them, I bundled up some documents for review and got permission to go home and crash. I was in such a state tears popped out of my eyes several times. However, got the shuttle to Decatur and managed to stay conscious long enough to get a burrito to go from my fav burrito place, then got the train.

I feel like death warmed over, in the head at least. I'm not SICK, I just have a horrific headache. I don't think I get migraines but this is similar in its all-encompassing agony. My goal for this afternoon is to finish my burrito, take some sinus and headache medicine, and then lie down until whenever. I suspect a couple hours of sleep will do the trick. Meanwhile, DAMN, my head hurts.

UPDATE, 6:02 PM: 3 hours of sleep later and my head is completely fine. Kind of like rebooting a computer I guess.