November 9th, 2007

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10 Things

After a busy morning, it seems appropriate to reflect, using these weekly memes:

From fridayfiver

1. Who do you owe?
Caleb, who loaned me $10K a couple of months ago (!), to cover *most* of what I owed a credit card company. I'm paying him back $255/mo. at the moment.
Chase, the credit card company.
Wells Fargo, holder of my mortgage.
And that's just for starters.

2. What do you wait for?
The day I leave Atlanta, preferably for somewhere up north.

3. What do you disguise?
My phobia about phones. I make up all kinds of white lies to cover up my reasons for not returning phone calls, procrastination and missed deadlines.

4. Tell us a lie:
Sometimes I really wish I had a nice house in Gwinnett, complete with room for two SUVs, two kids and a balding husband who takes care of the lawn.

5. Friday fill-in:
I can't get enough of ___.
I can't get enough of crosswords.

And from from thefridayfive

1.What is something you collect? Why?
Royal Mail Staffordshire china. My Oma had a set and I alwayss loved it. I inherited the remaining dishes and built up the collection through eBay. I got a china cabinet just to keep them all in. I actually use the dishes regularly for when I have people over for dinner or a party. I even have matching pots and mixing bowls!

2.If you could make one ice cream flavor, what would the ingrediants be and what would be the name?
Licorice with actual CHUNKS of chewy licorice candy in it. (Licorice gelato already exists and it's the bomb!) The name of it would be Black Licorice Love.

3.What can't you go a day without?
Crossword puzzle. In fact this past weekend I left my book at work and I was going nuts so I had to print some off the Internet.

4.What position do you sleep in? *back, right side, left side, stomch...ETC*
Left, right, stomach, scrunched up, spread eagle, twisted and contorted. I don't have a very regular position, it really depends on my mood. I also change position a lot during different phases of the night.

5.What is your typical morning routine before work/school?
Say hi to Luckie and give her a scritch/massage. Uncover bird. Stagger around. Get on computer to check email, main news sites. Every 2-3 days, take shower. Get dressed. Feed guinea pigs. Have breakfast. Check Luckie's food, litter. Get on computer again, if time. Go catch the bus or train, whichever.
sideview, obamame_sideview

My Own Private Idaho

FINALLY watched My Own Private Idaho. I swear it arrived from Netflix like last March in February. But then I got my job and then I never seemed to find the right moment to watch it. I watched a bunch of other movies, but not this one. Anyway, finally, I did. And was not disappointed. How awesome is that movie? Photography and acting especially but also music. And River Phoenix. Jeez!

Scott: I only have sex with a guy for money.
Mike: Yeah, I know, I mean...
Scott: And two guys can't love each other.
Mike: Yeah. Well, I-I don't know, I mean, I mean for me, I could love someone even if I, you know, wasn't paid for it. I love you, and... you don't pay me.
Scott: Mike...
Mike: I really wanna kiss you, man.
Mike: Well goodnight man.
Mike: I love you, though.
Mike: You know that. I do love you.
Scott: Alright, come here, Mike.
Scott: Let's just see. It could be fun. Just gonna see, come on.

I think it would make a great play. I mean, it was based on Henry IV, but, DUDE, it'd make an excellent play on its own. Very few props, just a whole lot of guys, cigarettes, a motocycle, some old cots. It'd be like Waiting for Godot but with hustlers.
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