November 10th, 2007

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My Little Chickadee

So I went onto Netflix to see what was up next in my queue and wound up looking their on-demand section. Whoah, there are some goooood movies in there and turns out I have like 10 hrs. free time on it a month under my plan. So, to test things out, I watched My Little Chickadee, which in all honesty I had never seen before. What a delight. Mae West is my hero. Like every guy in that movie, I think I wanna marry her. Anyway, with this Netflix thing, I now know what to do when I'm in between DVDs and am stumped for entertainment!

"Mmm, funny, every man I meet wants to protect me.
I can't figure out what from." - As Flower Belle Lee
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Alone with the animals

So Caleb's in London (report here), Daniel's in New York, and I'm here with two cats in a domestic stand-off. No, actually I think this time the Luckie-Sofie thing will work out fine. Just now I was taking a nap in my bedroom with the door shut. I thought it was just me and Sofie but somehow Luckie had snuck in. I slept for an hour and woke up to find Sofie cuddled up next to me. But then I here Luckie across the room eating Sofie's food, having her water, etc. I keep watching Luckie, who obviously has no clue where her rival is. She's stretching, relaxing, oblivious, and then jumps up on the bed to say hi to me and then it was Hiss City. Mwhahahaha. I'm going to do some cleaning now and let them sort things out. I'll be going out later and will separate them out so they don't get into trouble. They seem to do OK if I'm around but if I leave I think Sofie comes and goes after Luckie. She looks so sweet but she can be a little demon!