November 11th, 2007


Animal KIngdom

Had an awful time sleeping last night. I suspect the problem was all the hate in this house, specifically the hate between the two cats. They're both emitting that scent of hate cats get. I had them separated last night, as I do whenever I'm not around, but it didn't stop the hate. Currently they're in a stand-off near the dryer. Sofie tends to lose these but ooh, not for lack of trying. They both sounds like they're possessed by demons. I'm sure Sofie will be slinking off in a second, which will bring some peace. Luckie can stay mad indefinitely...
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Two more covers I hadn't heard before...

"Mother" (John Lennon)
Christina Aguilera

At first it seems just horribly wrong that anyone would cover this, as it's a very personal song, but you know, it really doesn't suck as far as covers go. She doesn't even try to do the primal screaming stuff.

"Let It Be" (Beatles)
Nick Cave

This sounds nothing like Nick Cave, nor does it sound like a rock icon delivering musical treacle, i.e. Christmas music. So overall, not bad either!

Cats Asleep

There's a momentary truce between the cats, but only because both of them are asleep :)

Sofie is curled up on the sofa. Since she has her eyes shut, you can hardly see her; she's just a shadow next to a throw pillow.

Luckie saw me making up the bed and dove under the covers, as usual. Now she's zonked out just under the rise of the pilows.

In an hour a couple dozen people will be coming over as part of a "progressive dinner" my building association has organized. Sofie will wake up and be nice to everybody, while Luckie will probably stay right where she is.