November 14th, 2007


Dueling Cats

Sofie is crying pathetically outside the bedroom door.

If I let her in, Luckie will hiss pathetically near my bike.

And there will be much growling and spitting from both of them.

So, noise either way. I'm keeping the door shut and hoping Sofie gets tired of it goes to bed.

I'm glad I can sleep through sh*t.
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Buzzing in every way

So I was at a social media conference today*, hosted over at Coca-Cola HQ. Appropriately, I drank 5 (Diet) Cokes: 2 regular Diet Cokes, 1 Diet Coke Lime (it was OK), and two rum & Cokes. I think that was enough caffeine for the week.

More on the awesome conference later. Day 2 is tomorrow, hosted at Emory. I bet we'll still get swank catered food (and free Coke beverages) all day though.

* As in, how institutions can leverage blogs, wikis, Facebook, widgets, Web 2.0 and other emergencing forms of bottom-up media in place of old line, outmoded marketing/communications practices.
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10 Things

Here are 10 things about me - 5 true, 5 false.
You know how these things go. Play, c+p in your own journal. You can only guess once.

1. As a little kid I mistreated a cat and killed a hamster.
2. I have a dimple at the base of my spine. (Where my tail should be?)
3. I love "A Prairie Home Companion."
4. My mom's a bit of a pyromaniac.
5. I don't have a driver's license.
6. One of my elementary school teachers locked me a closet for an hour.
7. The furthest west I've been in the U.S. is Minnesota.
8. My dad is a Korean war vet.
9. My grandmother used to dress me up like Shirley Temple.
10. I have a hidden talent for architectural drawing.

Have fun guessing! I think cracicotus is the only person who could get this 100% correct.
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Just went over Caleb's to check his mail and when I went to leave it was raining. Pouring. I walked slowly through it, enjoying this nearly forgotten phenomenon -- for all of two blocks. Then it stopped. Because it's never really going to rain here in Georgia ever again.

And if I see a headline in tomorrow's paper about our governor claiming credit for these raindrops, saying they're the result of his intercessional prayer on the Capitol steps, I will kick the newspaper box.