November 15th, 2007


Ah, morning

So I woke up this morning, at 6:20 less, to experience:

overseas phone call from Caleb
cats fighting through the door (again)
a Paul McCartney stuck in my head

I'm not bothering going back to sleep, since my alarm is set for 7 anyway. And watching these cats play mind games with one another is too interesting.
ice cream

Voice Post

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“So, this is Denise. Really good week but then it's extremely tiring week. Formers time were and on the one hand it's Greek got on gang on tail of Arabic town and I I've Neil would like to go out and have social activity and he's actually go the way professional conference. And gotta a lot of stuff done at home but on the other hand it's just exhausted feel like I haven't been able to get any free or have any time to myself at home or picture my client self and. All I have been doing is like working working working so like 5 days even though it's only Thursday. So I guess it's 4 days. But anyways my change. Tell me just want to note that that's what's been going on.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox

NOTE: That's the worst auto-transcription I've gotten yet! For one thing, I am not Denise! And...

Daniel and Caleb are out of town = gang on tail of Arabic town

Um, what?

Pullout of Enemy Forces... forces, that is.

On Caleb's suggestion, I took Sophie back to her usual abode tonight. "Mommy" gets back from London tomorrow dinnertime, before I'm home from work, and so this way there can be an instant kitty-mommy reunion. As an added bonus, I'll presumedly be able to sleep through the night without being awoken to noisy cat fights and without missing my Luckie, who's for the most part been too guarded to sleep with me per usual.

What I find find amusing is that Luckie is having a hard time believing Sofie is actually gone. I got home around 9:15 and immediately packed up her and her stuff and went to Caleb's. I got back around 10 and was surprised I didn't see Luckie in the main room. I called her and called her. Finally I found her hunkering down in the same spot she's hunkered down for a lot of this week, at least when the bedroom door's been open. It's her in-case-that-bitch-shows-up position. So I went over and told her she was free to come out, the other cat was gone. She didn't budge. So I grabbed her and forcibly took her into the other room. She had a hissy fit and scratched me up some, as she was convinced I was going to confront her with Sofie. I set her down and she ran back to the bedroom. Then I had some take-out food in bed and while Luckie came over, she was obviously sure Sofie was about to show up at any time. So I moved her food, water, and litter back to their usual location, then carried her back over to show her. This time she was calmer, although still wary. She investigated a little bit and I think it's starting to occur to her the place is all hers again. But she's a little skeptical still ;)
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Lush test

For somebody who didn't drink at all until after college and will tip over at more than 2 drinks of anything, this is amazing:


Then again, my neighbors seem to be lushes and I'm very observant, so that could be it. Then there's the fact that this quiz is mostly about cocktails and I know cocktails. And I'm just really good at retaining trivial bits of history and info.