November 17th, 2007

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English edibles, PDA dream, leisurely Saturday

It's Saturday night and I'm wearing my purple polyester grandma nightie, fuzzy slippers and a thick bathrobe while contemplating a rather uneventful day and hoping I can actually get things done tomorrow!

Caleb got home from London last night. I picked us up dinner (Raging Burrito goodness) on the way home from work, then stayed over while Caleb told me about his trip, showed me his pictures, and gifted me with a couple of nice U.K. food items. As I'd asked, I got a nice jar of thick-cut marmalade, actually blood orange flavor, plus a little bitty Christmas pudding. (I could eat a giant one, but it's better I didn't, I suppose.) Then for a surprise he gave me this thing he found vile but thought I just might like: onion marmalade. OOOOoooh, it's yummy! It's basically a sort of relish made with carmelized onions and some spices. I had some today on cheese and it was delish. Which reminds me, so was the Kipling's mincemeat pie I had last night. Or should I say two pies, since Caleb didn't care of it, while meanwhile I love mincemeat. I guess I am pretty much a sucker for English food.

Whew, didn't mean to go on about last night, but might as well, as today was by turns strange and boring.

First off, I had a bizarre dream about being a PDA. Yes, *being* a PDA. Lately I've been dealing with some "information overload" and in the dream I'd figured out how to solve this by becoming I guess part cyborg, the cyborg part being like a PDA. I could "sync" myself with my computer, mobile phone, anything, and keep on track of dates, emails, names, phone numbers and the like. I woke up thinking about the dream and then had trouble getting back to sleep, though when I did I'd dream some more. Finally I got up at 7:30 because all I could think about was "I'm a PDA!"

Around 9 Caleb called about doing the Saturday breakfast thing. We had a nice breakfast at Alon's, where we sat next to a gorgeous Siberian Husky who I kept letting lick my fingers. Then we went to Lowe's so Caleb could get some replacement parts to fix his water heater, which went wonky while he was out of town. We also went to Kroger, which had Thanksgiving displays that were like huge odes to wastefulness and bad diet. I picked up some greens and celery for the guinea pigs.

After Caleb dropped me off, I went straight to bed, because I hadn't slept well overnight and just wanted to rest after a really busy week. Despite a couple of interruptions by phone calls, I managed to sleep for about 4 hours, which was nice.

The rest of the day? Nothing much. Sewed a hole in the lining of my purse, sewed the holes in my jacket pockets, brushed the cat, played online Scrabble... nothing much. In the evening Caleb came over for tea and we watched the first ep. of this season's Project Runway. I vote for Chris, the queeny costume designer. I love him and I loved his dress!

Tomorrow I have a LOT of things I need to do. Chiefly I need to reply and act on a whole slew of emails that have accumulated from clients, some of whom are really ticked at me I guess. I also want to get my place picked up. Hopefully I can avoid sleeping the day away, although sometimes that's so tempting!