November 19th, 2007

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Take my blood -- please!

I am so happy -- because for the first time in probably five years, the Red Cross accepted my blood! I used to be a frequent donor, but then I was deferred five times in a row for low iron and gave up even coming in to drives. But today, thanks no doubt to the fact I doubled up my multivitamin dosage and took extra iron pills, I actually qualified, no problem! I am so glad I decided to give it another try. I used to have a medical condition that contributed to the anemia but that problem has subsided so I figured I would be OK. Now I will try and go back to going every 55 days or whatever it is.

Meanwhile, if you qualify to give blood, please do. It's especially this time of year, because one the one hand regular donors get busy and don't come in and on the other hand there's a rise in accidents due to alcohol. And while it's true Red Cross discriminates (against gay men, chiefly) and it's unfair and all that, please remember that the blood benefits everyone. Gay men need blood for emergenecy operations, too, as do prostitutes and everybody else. So sign up today!
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Hearth and Home

Ganked from versailles_rose:

1.Which room in your home best represents your personality?
My main room (living room, dining area and kitchen). Very comfortable, full of antiques, artwork involving naked women, pets, and books.

2.What are your neighbors like?
I assume by "neighbors" the question means people in the homes to left and right, but since I live in a high rise, I'll answer first for my floor overall. Neighbor across the hall is a pilot, never home, the one to the right is new and seems to work at home. I know a couple other people on my hall, they're awesome. Further, I know probably at least 20 other people in my building. There's only one person in my building I have an issue with, and that's the conservative Aryan Neonazi freak who was stalking me for a bit. *Yech* He's still around but *nobody* talks to him.

3.What style of home decor suits your taste most (,modern,ect.)?
1920s-1940s Art Deco. And fortunately that's what I have.

4.If money were no object what 3 impractical features would you want your home to include?
My current home? Easy: 1) replace veneer floors with real, solid wood floors, 2) fix all windows so they open, and 3) get a no-tank water heater.

5.What's your least favourite household chore to do?
Strictly household related, anything to do with the floor, but esp. mopping. If you count pet chores, cleaning the guinea pigs cage.