November 20th, 2007


Little Wendy's View of the World

Back in first grade*, whenever I was over my grandmother's house I used to draw, and practice writing, in an old diary of hers that she'd never used. I had a red cover with gold lettering on the front. Anyway, I would draw, write notes to my brother ("Tom, if your reeding this, yu are a badd boy!"), etc. Unfortunately the diary got lost but at some point I did rescue this doodle, which I just found in my file cabinet.

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I drew this when I was SIX. And apparently I was already aware of 1) boobs, 2) sexual harassment, 3) effeminate men and 4) horny women looking for a peek up a skirt. A few years later my teachers would call my parents with complaints about "inappropriate" stories. Imagine!

* Time of pic in icon. (Hmm, maybe the caption is incorrect.)
ice cream

Jesus v. St. Nick

Dedicated to artboyz and murnkay, who I think will both be amused...

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Courtesy of none other than my brother. Who used to draw tons of comics. This was just a doodle he did on the back of Christmas service program a few years back. I found it in a folder tonight. The stuff he wrote on the front will be scanned later.