November 24th, 2007

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Ghost News

FYI, my household ghost is back. He'd been gone for months but just in the past week I've had feeling he's back. A couple of times I've felt like somebody was either blowing air on my neck or touching me, Luckie's been spooked again and I feel I'm being watched. Tonight, after hanging out over here for a few hours, Caleb's like "So how do you feel about the spirit being back?" I said, "It's funny you say that..." So I'll be on the alert.
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eBay sale

It's that time again -- eBay sale of various, mostly vintage and/or clothing items. The biggest item is this amazing 1950s skirt coat. I bought it on impulse a couple years back because it's just INCREDIBLE but really there is no occasion to wear it here in Atlanta.

All items listed here -- 1 dress, 1 pair shoes, 1 pair boots, 3 books

If you or somebody you know is interested, please bid. I need to clear this stuff out of my place.

I also have 5 vintage Polaroid cameras I need to photograph and sell. They are the product of my passion for Polaroid camera cases. I've given up on them for now, as every single one seems to fall apart after just a couple of months. And it clutters my place with old cameras!
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Inspired by Caleb's recent trip to England, today I made up a batch of Staffordshire-style oatcakes. Storm's hubby Jim prepped some pre-made cakes for me the last couple times I visited Stafford and I adore them. They're lovely either sweet (Golden Syrup, jam, butter, etc.) or savorly (cheese, meat, ketchup, etc.) They're fairly easy to make and with the recipe I found online, they came out perfectly. Oatcakes are basically thick pancakes / country crepes made with oatmeal, water, milk and yeast, no eggs. Delicious!
ice cream

Twelve Days

On the twelfth day of Christmas, wiebke sent to me...
Twelve hermaphrodites publishing
Eleven pets writing
Ten antiques a-consulting
Nine aliens baking
Eight spirits editing
Seven animals a-reading
Six ghosts a-dieting
Five cla-a-a-assic movies
Four vampire chronicles
Three crossword puzzles
Two john waters
...and a grigori in an ancient history.
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