November 25th, 2007

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Writer's Block: Sunday Songs

What's your favorite music for a Sunday morning?

"Every Day Is Like Sunday" -- of course!

Hide on the promenade
Etch a postcard :
How I dearly wish I was not here
In the seaside town
...that they forgot to bomb
Come, come, come - nuclear bomb

Everyday is like sunday
Everyday is silent and grey...

sideview, obamame_sideview

Four Days of Bliss -- + Pics of Georgia in Fall

My work kindly gives employees off the Friday after Thanksgiving, so I've had a wonderful, greatly appreciated four-day weekend. I really needed the rest and happily, I managed to get it.

Thursday - Only thing I can really remember doing is going to Thanksgiving over at Tony & Maria's. It was the annual "Orphans' Thankgiving" and wonderful as usual, even with Caleb and Daniel absent. (Their time with Daniel's family actualy went well for a change, so I heard.) I know I stayed up late that night, but I can't remember what I was doing.

Friday - We took the bus over to Alon's for breakfast, since there was no reason to wait until Saturday. Not sure what I did all day, but that night I made Thai shrimp. The boys came over for dinner and brought their cats. Predictably, Luckie hid herself in my armoire, Pugsley hid himself in a closet, and Sophie seemed pretty much unperturbed and friendly as usual. Later on in the visit Pugsley was brought out and was extremely grumpy, at one point ripping Daniel's glasses off his face. He went home for a time out.

Saturday - In the morning I made up a few oatcakes and went over Daniel's for breakfast. I spent the rest of the day at home I think. The boys went out to the movies while I cleaned, watched TV, played with the cat and generally recreated. Oh, and I did all my Christmas decorating, with tree and lights all over the place. Late at night I caught part of that Dylan documentary No Direction Home on VH1 and thought it was awesome.

Sunday - Now here I will get detailed because it was a really lovely day!!!!

A while back we'd decided we wanted to go hiking and today we finally did it. Caleb got directions to Sweetwater Creek State Park, which is just a 30 min. trip from Atlanta, off to the west. It's a really beautiful tract of land, big enough to have a variety of landscapes (hills, river, cliffs, swamp, etc.) as well as wild animals. Sweetwater Creek was the site of a cotton mill in the mid-1800s. The mill was destroyed by Union troops towards the end of the Civil War but the remnants of the building and other industrial features, like a canal, still remain.

We hiked through woods, which were filled with all shades of changing leaves, until we reached the "creek," which was a river really, and it was interesting because it's spanned by lines of rock (schist, I think), so instead of it being a rapids with rocks or bolders, it's got rapids that go over long, long sections of rocks. It kind of reminded me of the ocean. We had a nice walk along the water, investigating trees, rocks, freshwater clams (which I didn't know existed), and enjoying the general loveliness. We spotted a big heron!

The actual mill building was really cool. It's just a few walls and arches and empty windows now, but you can see the quality of the construction and it's also cool how the color of the brick is at this point matching nature. The interior of the mill has been taken over by mud and greenery and probably animals. (It's fenced off to keep people out, so we couldn't investigate more closely.) The whole area around the mill is just gorgeous, with the sound of the water going swiftly over the river rock, beautiful trees, moss, and lichen-covered rocks.

[Here I will insert the fact that the ongoing drought was definitely noticeable in a big way. I would think that the rocks we saw today are normally under water. Canoeing has been prohibited for months at the park, due to the low water. And nearby there's a lake that is probably 3/4 dried up -- with tree stumps and cracked mud going on and on. It was appalling.]

After we passed the mill I was thinking we were three-quarters or half-way done with the hike but I was totally wrong. Not that I minded! It had started to drizzle and then rain, but it wasn't a hard rain and we could avoid it just by staying under the cover of trees and rocks. We had lunch huddled up against a huge boulder. I slipped on some slippery, leaf-covered rock but recovered nicely. The hike back was on a different trail, which included a really steep staircase and hills that winded me, but I managed. Caleb spotted a big group of wild turkeys in the woods nearby. I spotted a fat squirrel in a tree. Finally we emerged out by the park visitor center, which had excellent displays on the history and ecology of the area. It was probably the nicest state facility of any kind I've ever seen.

We were so pleased with our hike, which I think was about two hours, 3-4 miles, and want to go back!

And now... the pictures!

This is pretty emblematic of our day, which red leaves hanging over rushing water.

From here on out the pics are chronological.

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Oh, and let me emphasize that it RAINED today and later became all foggy. It was fantastic weather. Back at home I took a two-hour nap. Later on the boys came over and watched TV. Caleb made chocolate mousse for us. I give this day an A.