December 2nd, 2007


Saturday -- including cat conversation

My, today was nice! This despite some oddities...

So, OK, overnight the cats drove me nuts, waking me up once an hour, finally getting into a fight through the bedroom door around 5, which led me to just open the door, to HELL with it. LOL. And they kept up with the fighting while I dozed off.

Around then, a text came through on my phone, Caleb arriving in Munich. I texted him back saying cats were fighting, and he called me back. He was on the S-Bahn headed to Martina's. I say good morning and went to bed again. And the cats kept doing their kitty hissing and bitching.

Finally I got up more or less for real and then Daniel called me. Breakfast at Alon's with his mother? Sure. Due to the Christmas parade's street closures, we took Daniel's car. There we had lunch with his mother, who's been even crazier than usual lately. She makes *both* our heads spin with her nonsense!

After an hour, or what seemed like, we headed back downtown, just in time to run into hideous traffic, generated by the end of the parade plus the SEC game (LSU v. Tennessee). Ugh. They had shut down intersections and given them over traffic cops, always a bad idea. And there were hordes of people in that horrible Vols orange and then all these purple people! Who couldn't drive OR cross streets with any level of competency! It took forever to get parked but ugh, did it.

In the afternoon, I started on some serious cleaning in the main room, diving into the dishwasher for one thing. Lots of dishes. Lots of pots. And I cleaned out the fridge, which wasn't looking so charming. Much better now.

Around 4, Daniel and I went out on a special CVS Extravaganza, courtesy of Caleb, who'd passed on a one-day 30% store coupon given to him by his mom, a long, long-time CVS employee. So we went to the one in Midtown and stocked up on stuff. I specifically picked up some stuff that was on sale so I saved even more. Altogether we got around $150 worth of stuff but only paid like $110. Nice!

For dinner I whipped out a buy-one-noodle-bowl-get-one-free coupon I'd gotten for Noodle, right by CVS. And we ate large noodle bowls. Mmm.

I got home around 6 and although I could have gone to Outworlders game night, I felt like finishing up the cleaning work in the main room. I picked up and dusted everything, then swept, vacuumed and mopped. The main room was impressively clean by the end! Meanwhile I listened to four or five Simon & Garfunkel albums in a row.

Finally I made up some instant chocolate pudding and popped in City Lights, just in from Netflix. I've seen it 3-4 times before but it was particularly nice tonight. I think it was a restored print, looked much better than most Chaplin prints. The famous final scene, with the blind girl recognizing Chaplin as a tramp, not a millionaire, actually *did* induce a tear in my eye! (Incidentally, link to clip on YouTube... beautiful.)

For a finish, Luckie came into the room right towards the end and settled down by the dining room table. This is the first time she's come into the main room in 24 hours, since Sofie arrived. Anywa, Sofie jumped off the couch but stayed near me. Once the movie was over, I settled in to watch what would happen between the two. At first, not much, but eventually things went like this:

Sofie: I'm just going to groom myself here.
Luckie: ...
Sofie: And now I'll roll around on the rug and look pretty.
Luckie: ...
Sofie: Hmmm, this cat food is good. MY cat food is fancy, not Purina like some other cats'.
Luckie: ...
Sofie: Aren't I pretty? Oops, let me get that bit of fur right.
Luckie (to self): I can't believe this bitch.
Sofie (to self): Now I'll sashay under the table here, nonchalant.
Sofie: Oh, you WISH!
Luckie: Whatever. See if I care. I will stare at you until you DIE.

Eventually Luckie moved under the sideboard, at which point Sofie decided to rush her. Lots of swatting action. Finally I scooped up Luckie and brought her back to "her" half of the hour. She's fine now, while Sofie is moaning on the other side of the door, "Let me in, let me in!" That cat is such a moaner.

Cat Sleeping Sickness

I think I have Cat Sleeping Sickness, the symptoms of which are, well, sleeping more than your cat. I woke up around 9 this morning and 14 hours later, I've caught 8-9 hours more sleep. Even Luckie is like "Um, excuse me, at least stay awake long enough to fill my food bowl!" I could easily have slept even more. Luckily, I didn't really have anything I *had* to do today. Would have been nice to finish cleaning up but ugh, sleep rules all. I will tackle that tomorrow.

State of the Cats

After a weekend together, Luckie and Sofie seem to be getting better at coping with one another. Actually every time Sofie stays over things get better. They surely aren't buddies but on the other hand I don't have to separate them or have my house permeated by the smell of Cat Hate No. 5.

The "six foot rule" seems a good way of describing how they get on; as long as each of them has six ft. distance, they can function somewhat normally. Even Luckie, who is now able to actually come into the main room now, will let me pet her and play with toys while her arch-enemy is in proximity. And if I close the bedroom door, Luckie will switch back completely to normal.

As far as dynamics of actual fighting goes, most of the time Sofie seems to be the instigator, flaunting herself and/or rushing Luckie, but I notice that Sofie seems to lose every time, slinking off while Luckie stares after her in demonic triumph. Luckie hasn't once walked past Sofie with that same "See if I give a care!" air. But then they are very different cats.