December 3rd, 2007

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Cats fighting in my face

Luckie sleeps about a foot from my head, in her cat bed, which I've put on her pillow for the winter. Anyway, several times last night I was jolted out of sleep by the sound of in-my-ear hissing, as Sofie thought it'd be a grand idea to hop up right next to Luckie. Aaaaah! Several other times I woke up to find Sofie perched at the very end of my bed, by my feet. Once I noticed she'd done this without waking up Luckie, so good on her.

What really confounds me is that I know I closed the bedroom door overnight and that Sofie was not in the room. Yet the door got opened somehow. Sofie couldn't have done it since it's a doorknob, so I must have done it in my sleep. Because I guess on some subconscious level I want cats fighting over me?

The door's closed while I'm at work.

Classic Luckie-Sofie Action

I go in my bedroom. Luckie is happy to see me and follows me as I go into the bathroom. She hops on the counter is very happy to get a rub-down. She's in the sink purring and twisting around in cat ecstasy. Behind me, I note Sofie waltzing in and I step in closer to the counter so Luckie won't see. And of course Sofie jumps on the counter and sneaks up right behind Luckie to sniff her butt. Luckie is so into her rub-down it takes a couple of seconds to register but then she twists her neck around, like "What was that?" and sees the face of her worst enemy. Bwahahaha. Sofie is out of there in a flash. Luckie jumps down and goes into the bedroom to hunt her down. It takes half a minute, since Sofie has ensconced herself in a pile of black clothes. Finally she spots her yellow eyes glowing and begins to stare.

Meanwhile Sofie just slunk out. Going to shut the door so Luckie can continue enjoying her full body rub!
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Movie Time!

Movies on my list for the next month:

I'm Not There
Walk Hard*
Sweeney Todd
Golden Compass

Aw, yeah. Any locals who want to join me for any of these? Esp. the first two, an unconventional Bob Dylan biopic (by director of Velvet Goldmine) and mockumentary send-up of music biopics respectively, since I know the boys won't be into those.

* Just heard about this today, via Fresh Air. Hi-larious, with authentic-sounding, yet mockumentarious, soundtrack.
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