December 7th, 2007


Writer's Block: Ah, Youth

Describe one moment from your youth that is impenetrably seared into your memory.

Just one? OK, here goes:

I'm in 6th grade, 12 years old, sitting at my desk in Mr. Crowley's classroom. He was my homeroom teacher and I also had just about all my classes with him -- language arts, math, science, etc. My desk isn't with all the other kids' desks, but way in the back corner by the door to the outside and the radiator. As previous teachers had discovered, it was necessary to isolate me from the rest of the students, mostly for their sake, so I wouldn't bother them, but also for my sake, so I wouldn't get distracted from my work. (I had major "conduct" issues until I was around 13.)

Anyway, I was there at my desk and suddenly had an idea or had to go somewhere in the room, stood up and WHAM! cracked my head against the potted plant that was hanging right over my desk. I'd *almost* done this several times but had been carefully avoiding it. But this time I wasn't thinkin, cracked my head and cracked the actual ceramic pot the hanging plant was in. The plant in turn fell and smashed all over everything in the area, including not just my desk but the radiator and counter, which at the time was where our science class was keeping its bean experiments. Half of the beans growing in the window got killed.

So there I was, the freak girl isolated in the back of the room who was so tall (6'0" even then) and clumsy she smashed a hanging planting hanging like 5 1/2 feet up and wrecked everbody's plants.

This embarrassing story pretty much typifies much of my elementary school years, although it's funnier than most.