December 9th, 2007

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Awesome Sunday --- in 3D!

Today was FULL of awesome.

First, German breakfast at Caleb's. Followed by nice time with his cat.

Second, most of rest of day spent with Amanda having fun fuN fUN FUN! Including: launch at Tin Drum, long bargain-shopping spree at Ross, watching Immortel at her and Lee's house, and din din of burritos and steamed sesame rolls. OMG!

But you know what was COOLEST? The XMas present from Amanda. Which could not have suited me more perfectly. Check out the properties of this book:

1) 1950-1960s cheesecake
2) Really hilarious cheesecake to boot
3) All color
4) All photos by silent film star Harold Lloyd (WTF?)
and best of all
5) IN 3D!!!!!!

Yes, Harold Lloyd's Hollywood Nudes in 3D comes with glasses and the artwork really IS 3D.

A more perfect gift would be hard to find. Campy 3D cheesecake by a silent film star. WTF?!