December 11th, 2007

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Turning over some new hay

So I posted on guinea_pigs about how my allergy test shows I'm allergic to timothy hay, a staple food my guinea pigs have on hand 24/7. And which is basically all over my place, in dust form. I was wondering what I could do, besides clean more, vacuum more, run the air purifier. And people were like, "Just try another kind of hay!"

D'oh! Although timothy hay is the most popular type of hay, it's not the only kind available, nor is it the only kind they'll eat. There's orchard grass, oat grass, wheat grass, etc., none of which I'm allergic to. (Fescue is also sold but that's on the no-no list.) They don't like those kinds *as* much but they will eat it, esp. when there's no choice.

So once the current bag of timothy runs out, I'm going to try out a couple different kinds and see how it goes. I do know that other types of hay, like orchard grass, seem a lot less dusty. Timothy hay tends to create this green dust that sort of billows all over. And I wonder why I have issues!