December 19th, 2007

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Guinea Pig Cuteness

Guinea pigs have the most RANDOM fur, I swear, in terms of color and texture. I mean, there are definitely specific color patterns and fur types, like all black, albino, black and white American straight hair, but overall it's like their fur is the result of tossing dice.

For example, YinYang had a baby with one of her brothers, who I think was a wild-haired white boy, while she's black and reddish brown with Abyssinian whorls. The baby, Chipmunk, was brown, smooth-furred with a white stripe. Um, why? Guinea pigs don't seem to turn out to be "mutts," just all one mottled color or tan or black, but turn out with really distinct fur. Genetic experiments would no doubt prove that -- oh, wait, they're guinea pigs, I'm sure it's been done.

Anyway, in celebration of these seemingly random genetics, I bring you some choice examples off of Petfinder:

Magnificent, isn't he?

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Who needs stuffed animals when you have these creatures?!