December 21st, 2007

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The Hands of Dr. Wiebke

When I get in scrapes, I tend to get in a whole bunch of them in a row. It's kind of like when I sneeze -- can't limit it to just one or two sneezes, it's usually at least a half dozen. Anyway, recently it's been my hands getting the abuse. In the past week:

1. Hands and wrists, esp. the right, mauled by a cat. Mine. My right wrist has three long (one 6 in.) scratches intersecting, which is damn artistic! There are about a dozen other small scratches on each hand besides that. Also a puncture wound on my right palm, which had to be bandaged a couple of days. Moral of this: Leave Luckie the f*ck alone when she's pissed off at Sofie.

2. Puncture/cut on tip of left forefinger -- from stabbing myself with a pair of scissors. Ah, the joys of wrapping presents.

3. Scalded left hand with boiling water. That stung for a couple of hours but seems to be OK now. Not red, just a bit sensitive.

4. Jammed piece of hay under a fingernail. Ow. Got it out but it's like when you get a needle under your nail.

I wonder what I can do next! I managed to move my office without injuring myself or even tripping.

*knocks on wood*
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From thefridayfive - XMas

The inevitable...

1. What is your fave thing about Christmas?

Seeing my family.

2. Did you believe in Santa Clause? If so, what was the best gift from him?

Not after I was 5 or 6, because at that point my mom began enlisting me to help her wrap presents and shop for stocking stuffers.

3. Do you have a Christmas Tree? Ribbon, Angel, Star or ______ on Top?

Yes, a little fake one. For a topper, I've stuck a couple of fuzzy snowflake ornaments on top kind of like a star.

4. Best stocking stuffer you got?

I had AWESOME stockings growing up, since we kids did one another's, and I got a lot of cool stuff, esp. bizarre toys.

5. Wishing for a White Christmas?

YES YES YES YES YES! Good thing I'm going to Massachusetts instead of staying here. Because in Georgia? Never gonna happen, unless earth gets knocked out of its orbit.