December 22nd, 2007

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Randomsity at 12:56

I should have been in bed a couple of hours ago, but instead I've been a masochist and spent time reading slash fic, doing a crossword, entering receipts, and tying up loose ends in prep for my trip. Which is tomorrow, actually like 5 hours from now, as I have to leave *really* early.

Oh, and the trip. Have not mentioned, but yeah, going up to Mass. 'til Wednesday. Mostly will be with parents, also Betty and family, who also live in Sturbridge. Supposedly Carolyn and maybe Tom will also be over for dinner. I hope so! Nancy can't make it. And the whole thing will be in Sturbridge -- my first Christmas ever away from Andover, out of that house. CHANGE!

Meanwhile, at work I'm all moved. My new office is very nice. Got the best desk I've ever had, plus a window. OK, it has a 70s cheesecloth curtain, which I've pulled back with an Emory binder clip, but hey, it's a window. And today we celebrated the move with good pizza and real champagne. People ate my lebkuchen enthusiastically.

One more thing I should mention - XMas presents. Daniel went all out and got me a deluxe, automated litter box, in hopes it will reduce stinkiness caused by my stinkiness as a housekeeper. Caleb got me goodies while he was in Germany -- two books, nice tights, licorice, a flavor powder to mix into quark. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!
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I Am Here

So I *finally* made it to Sturbridge.

Discounting the whole over-sleeping bit and the debacle with the bus trip, not bad. The trip will go much more smoothly next time, now that I know what to do. And Worcester's bus/train station is really nice!

It's about 25 minutes back to Sturbridge from there, so the same as it was from Boston to Andover. Except I have to get to Worcester first! On the way back Mom stopped at this little shop in town and had me pick something out for myself. I found these lovely Victorian repro earrings, which is good because none of the clothes I tried on (which were SO me!) fit. For dinner Dad made spaghetti with meatballs and we sampled my Stollen (German fruitcake), which turned out really, really well!

For the past hour I've been wrapping the few presents I brought for people and helping Mom wrap hers. (I've been doing this since I was 6 or 7.) Dad's on the home dialysis unit, will be for 2-3 hours I guess. Once I'm done with this I'm going to go visit him. It sucks, he has to sit there for the whole time. Then later two of my siblings and their families are going to be arriving. Tomorrow Betty and co. will be here, too, and we're having a big family dinner. Nancy and co., who're out in Ohio, couldn't make it for some reason. I'm no sure if we're doing presents tomorrow or Christmas Eve.