December 24th, 2007

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Well, *somebody* still likes Dubya

So Dad got a Christmas card from the White House. Proof he's a true Republican?

Related conversation:

Dad: Got a card from George.
Mom: George? My cousin?
Dad: No, George.
Mom: George?
Dad: George Bush!
Mom: Oh!
Dad: Never got a card like that. From the President. Signed!
Mom: You got one last year I think.
Dad: Did I? Wonder why.
Mom: It's an election year.
Dad: But he's not running!

Meanwhile, Mom subscribes to the Christian Science Monitor. Different voting block entirely.
sideview, obamame_sideview

Out in Western Massachusetts

The day before Christmas has been good so far. My parents' place is actually very nice -- it's much cleaner and more organized than the house. The furniture looks nicer here too and they also are displaying more old stuff, like family pictures and stuff from Oma.

Slept late and then made myself scrambled eggs for breakfast, since there are three dozen eggs in the refrigerator. And a piece of stollen too of course. That came out very well!

Then Dad took me to this shop in Sturbridge called The Bird House. It's the nicest wild bird shop I've ever been too -- every kind of bird house, feeder, etc. you can find, huge selection of seed, garden stuff. They also have a bird garden outside and some birds in the shop. This cockatiel whistled at me so I said hello -- so he flew over and landed on my shoulder. He really liked me, stayed on my shoulder for 15 minutes as I walked around. Then he jumped over on Dad. The shopkeeper said the bird goes for tall people.

Afterward I took a nap and when I woke up, Mom and Dad wanted to take me out to lunch. Before eating we went on a nice ride around the country here -- not just Sturbridge but Dudley, Southbridge, a couple of other towns. Southbridge is very nice! It's an old mill town like North Adams but not as run-down. It's very picturesque. There are fine churches. There are many more shops around here than I expected. Anyway, we went in a big loop and ended up in downtown Sturbridge, where we went to a Thai restaurant. I was kind of scared to eat Thai in Sturbridge but it was actually passable Thai, pretty well decorated, good service. I was glad.

We dropped Dad home after that though, so Mom and I could go to... Ocean State Job Lot! Yes, there's one in Southbridge, in the same plaza as a Big Y. I found some good stuff there -- picture frames and some good gourmet food. They had all these preserves made by local Trappist monks! They also had Green & Black instant Mexican hot chocolate, cheap. So I went shopping there.

Now we're home again. In an hour we're going to church with Betty and family. We'll have dinner here and do presents I think.