December 28th, 2007

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Wonder of wonders, it's POURING out!


I think the sun is supposed to be up by now, but darned if I can tell. It's so dark out it could be 3 a.m.
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72 Old Russian Calculators

This post on English Russia was so cool I grabbed all 72 pictures and made a screensaver out of it.


72 Old Russian Calculators

Incidentally, several of of them remind me of the "portable" Panasonic PC clone I used from about 1987 to 1994. (Link to page with pictures of a similar machine.) It had a 4x6 orange and black screen, a built-in thermal printer, ran DOS and weighed about 25 lbs, maybe more. In college a Bulgarian student visited my room and when he saw this machine, erupted in laughter, saying it was the first thing in the U.S. that had reminded him of home. (OK, besides the rather horrific examples of Soviet-style architecture on the UMass Amherst campus.)
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New Diet Blog

I think I'm giving up on fat_wiebke and moving to BuddySlim, which offers not only a blog but a calorie/nutrition tracker, activity tracker and other excellent tools. My new blog over there:

I may also post diet-related stuff here from time to time, but only if there are major milestones and events. Wish me luck!