December 29th, 2007

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Cat After My Heart

This morning after breakfast the boys and I dropped by the humane society, mostly so I could drop off some donations (extra cat carrier, litter box) but also so we could visit the cats. Caleb liked this big black cat there but I really liked this little scrappy one named Annie.

She is two years old but looks younger because she's super tiny and also quite bony. I don't know if she was picked up off the streets or what, but you can feel her ribs and she only weights 6 or 7 lbs. I'm guessing. She kind of reminds me of Jack in Nightmare Before Christmas -- very waifish. She reminded me a lot of Luckie. I got them to let me hold her and take her in the cat room and she clearly has a lot of personality and is very "aware" like Luckie as well. She let me hold her and while a little wary (tail between her legs) was nicer than I can ever imagine Luckie being in a shelter situation. (Luckie would be one of those cats who sulks at the back of the cage hissing and spitting.) She would definitely be a "lap cat," if only because she's so skinny she needs people for warmth :)

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Anyway, although of course I was tempted, I didn't take Annie home with me. Too impulsive and I think I need to really do things right if and when Luckie gets a friend. Because finding her one will be hard!
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I'm trying to print out my diet program but... see icon.

*swats cat away*
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