December 30th, 2007

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At the mid-point

Enjoying my 4-day weekend muchly! A lot of relaxing has taken place, because why not?

Yesterday the "big event" was going to breakfast with the boys, then going to the humane society and looking at cats. The rest of the day I was mostly dawdling, watching TV, or cleaning. Then at night I sat down and mapped out the whole 44-week weight loss program (documenting over here), which made me feel accomplished.

Today I've had an even more relaxing day. The big "activity" was a one-hour grocery run up to Trader Joe's with Caleb. I now know the 45 bus goes right there, which is very convenient! Meanwhile I planned out meals, had some good food, enjoyed a lengthy nap, and watched various medical shows. At one point Caleb visited and we had fun 1) lying in bed with Luckie (who showed unprecedented affection towards Caleb) and 2) planning out Berlin/London trip, coming up in June. To top it off I watched Fargo, which came in via Netflix just before Christmas. Two thumbs up!

I may be more social tomorrow. Both last night and tonight, I pretty much let Caleb and Daniel go out and have fun with Enrique without me. But tomorrow we should do something "as a family," I think. Don't know what, but something!