December 31st, 2007


Cats + Clothes Racks

On behalf of Caleb and myself, I ask: What's the fascination cats have for clothes drying racks? We both have cats, we both have wooden drying racks, and both of us watch our cats go nuts over them. Luckie loves mine even when it's empty. I always set it up in the bath tub and Luckie jumps in after that and gets more and more hyped up as I add clothes. Then for however long the clothes are up, she'll roam around under the rack, bat at the clothes, even sleep in the tub with them. Is it like a temporary play fort for them or what? One thing it is -- funny! Another thing? A tad annoying, as my clothes get hair on them as soon as I get them out of the wash. Wait, maybe that's Luckie's secret agenda!
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After a couple of years w/o a real vacation, as of this hour I'm now lined up with a real vacation for this June. Thank you to travel agent Caleb, who delights in finding the best fares and routes, and who also has 100,000 Lufthansa miles! The trip starts out with us flying to London (via Newark and Dusseldorf) and staying a couple of days for Rob and Marta's wedding and general recreation. We'll be staying with them in their falt. Then we're doing a train to Berlin for four or five days, staying with a girl Caleb met a conference in England this fall. I've wanted to go to Berlin since I was a teenager. Then we're going over to Dusseldorf for a couple of days and then going back to Atlanta via Newark. Meanwhile thanks to Caleb's amazing booking skills I will only owe around $250 for airfare. There will be some train tickets and such, for London-Berlin and Berlin-Dusseldorf, but that won't amount to too much and I loooooove train travel. The ticket to Newark should be cheap, too, considering there are always deals popping up.