January 1st, 2008

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Meat Pies

My goal of seeing Sweeney Todd in a theater during the holidays has been realized. And hurrah, hurrah, 'twas worth the slight hassle Caleb and I had getting there. Caleb found it too gruesome but I found it just right. Besides, the blood was (intentionally, I assume) unrealistically bright red throughout so it was more like a macabre cartoon than something scary. Wonderful costumes and set decoration. The leads were terrific, as expected, but Sacha Baron Cohan was a delight right up until the minute he was gurgling on the floor of the barber shop. I found myself giggling evilly for about ten minutes afterward.
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A Window into the Wild

Flipping on the TV for a bit of entertainment before bed, I accidentally tuned in to Luckie's favorite type of programming: a documentary on wild cats. She loves these. I flipped on the TV and didn't even really think about it, wandering off to make toast, until I saw Luckie on the floor in front of the TV staring with rapt attention. Cougars are apparently very interesting to her. She tensed up and looked like she was going to spring at the screen. A few minutes later I sat down on the couch and Luckie just stayed on the carpet taking it all in. Eventually she got up from where she was lying, walking a few feet forward and sat up so she could study the cats -- now lynxes -- in further detail. Just *glued* to the action, especially this female lynx sidling up to a male (who looked like Pugsley). I'd love to know what goes on in that little cat brain of hers.