January 3rd, 2008

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Writer's Block: My Guilty Pleasure

What's your guilty pleasure?

Where to start, where to start?

Well, for one thing I love trashy clothes, including inappropriate tights, minis, embroidered jeans, go-go boots, matching earring-necklace-nights-purse sets...

For another thing I love Aerosmith and Six Mix-a-lot...

I also love Peeps and Creamsicles...

On TV I really get a laugh out of just about any "funniest video" show, even when hosted by Tom Bergeron or Bob Satchett...

In summer I like those ice pops that are sold at like 20 for $3 in discount stores that are just plastic bags filled with colored, sweetened water...

I don't feel guilt about these sorts of things really. I feel guilt over things like not answering my phone or using non-recycled toilet paper.
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Regional Words

That accent quiz from the other day got me searching for other quizzes... and then from doing that I found a small collection of "New Hampshire Slanguage." Which I apparently use, although admittedly there is crossover between N.H. and Boston:

bulkhead - cellar door
conniver - one who, you know, connives
ascared - frightened
hoodsie - ice cream cup
bubbler (pronounced bubbla) - water fountain
frappe - shake (tech. different)
bulkie - type of sandwich roll
rubbers - galoshes

Wondering if "bulkhead," "bulkie" and "rubbers" really are regional. I mean, "rubbers" depends on context, as usually you don't need galoshes for sex, but still, I always called them "rubbers."

Meanwhile the word on this list that I use regularly that confuses people is "bubbler." Oddly, I usually only use this word to describe a water cooler or a really small water fountain, not a standard sized one. This is one of those things that pops out of my mouth before I think and I have to retrieve it -- like "tag sale," which has zero meaning in Atlanta.