January 6th, 2008

video, dick in a box


Got around to watching The Big Lebowski. Eh. I guess I'd give it a B-, but that said, wasn't my thing. I mean, it had its moments but it just wasn't my thing. Total guy movie. Even I got tired of the F-word. From about the halfway point I had this sense the movie was never going to end. And in the end, what happens? But still, B-, because the Coen brothers make an interesting movie.

Next movie in my Netflix queue is Rocky & Bullwinkle, Season 2. I can pretty much guarantee I will enjoy that more.

The next 10 movies in the queue after that?

Un Chien Andalou
All About Eve
Boys Don't Cry
Whale Rider
Mad Max
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
All About My Mother
Pelle the Conqueror
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