January 9th, 2008

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Baby Brazilians and more fun

Sorry that all I seem to do lately is find outrageous articles to post, but, but, but


Why 10 is too young for your first Brazilian

Sample of the scary, talking about an Australian web site: The website, which appears to be mostly read by girls in the nine to 14 age bracket, says of the Brazilian: "Nobody really likes hair in their private regions and it has a childlike appeal."

Yeah, because a nine year old has to preserve that childlike appeal while she still can.

Also: Last year Nair, makers of hair-removal products, released their Pretty range, aimed at 10 to 15-year-olds, or, as they call them, "first-time hair removers."


This article would give my mother a heart attack.
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Catching Up with Wiebke Fesch

I haven't really posted any substantive recently, at least nothing of a personal nature, so an update on what's going on with yours truly.

First, nothing bad.

Second, some good stuff, although it makes me nervous to say so.

*knocks on wood*

Anyway, a rundown:

1) Like my department's new offices, also my new office mates.
I'm now with two people in the Pubs dept. who aren't on the phone all day chattering like the Media staff members. Also, I get sunlight!

2) I'm sticking to my diet like glue
and it's working. Have discovered some key foods that are always good, always lo cal: cottage cheese, grapefruit, pineapple. Also, have proved that if you eat protein you only need to eat half as much as you would otherwise. It really IS filling!

3) Was encouraged today by a coworker
to submit a commentary to "All Things Considered" about my mother, in particular this one anecdote I was sharing. I may do it.

4) Managed to keep my place clean
for some time now. Maybe a whole week? It's a minor accomplishment but still, an accomplishment.

5) Last week, read Harry Potter under die Kammer des Schreckens.
In German. Yay! I think the funniest thing was the German version of Du-weisst-schon-wer's name: Tom Vorlost Riddle. (To see the name in two dozen other languages, check this out.)

6) Yesterday, I started HP und der Gefangene von Askaban.
As of right now, I'm on p. 157. I don't think I read much slower in German than I do in English. Sure, there are words I don't know and times when I'm a bit fuzzy on *exactly* what happened, but within a couple pages things become clear.

7) Luckie loves her Christmas present --
a self-cleaning litter box, courtesy of Santa Daniel. Seems to be using it a LOT and what's also cute? She goes and runs over to it almost every time it goes off.

8) Posted four pairs of shoes and a pair of boots to eBay
-- and sold two sets of shoes and the boots. I just relisted the other two shoes, as I'm confident they'll sell. There aren't a lot of Size 11 3" heel pumps, you know?

9) New Project Runway in 10 minutes!
Meanwhile, enjoying rerun of last week's, which I missed. Daniel would do great at this challenge, building clothes out of stuff at the Hershey's Times Square store. And unlike that on chick, he wouldn't have been unwise enough to pick red licorice as the "material."

10) Feeling very irritated with elections coverage.
Awful awful.