January 13th, 2008

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500 Channels and Nothing's On

Last night the boys came over to watch TV, only there was NOTHING on! Caleb was like, "HOW can there be nothing on, it's Saturday night prime time?" I don't get it either. It's not like I only have 10 channels, I've got at least 100. The only thing that held any immediate interest was the first Harry Potter movie, but we watched that just a couple of months ago. So, surfing around, we wound up watching: 1) fitness videos, 2) "Power Rangers: Mystic Force," 3) "Pukka," 4) a documentary on Chinese restauranteurs in Brazil, and 5) music videos from Africa. Talk about random! Yet it was like eating side dishes for dinner because the main dish sucked.
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Weekend Wrap Up

A quick run down of a rather boring, but very relaxing, weekend:

Harry Potter
Finished Prisoner of Azkaban Friday night. I had a couple of questions about it, but fishing around Wikipedia, I discovered the (somewhat lame) answer to one of my chief questions, which is WTF do they keep making Harry go back to the Dursleys. I mean, aside from being a convenient plot device, which the books are chock-full of anyway. But seeing as there is an answer, I can let it rest. Similarly, the time travel moebius strip had me going for a while but I reconciled it at least. Sort of.

Sweet Dreams
Friday night I SLEPT. All week long I'd been wanting to take a nap, sleep in, crawl under my desk even, so when Caleb said he was at a meeting Saturday, thus no Saturday morning coffee trip, I decided to take advantage. I slept 14 hours. Got up at 1 p.m. Hee hee! And then, I think I actually took a nap later in the day. I took a two-hour nap today, too. Bliss!

We made up for breakfast yesterday by doing it today. Alon's. On the way over, this woman across from us on the bus was speaking in the thickest Atlanta Ghetto patois you can imagine. I really need to record some samples of it to share, because she seems to ride that bus every Sunday and it's just incredible to listen to her. I doubt many white people, esp. anyone outside the South, could make head or tail of it. Scarily, I could follow it. Maybe I can get a job translating?

Clean Oven
For first time ever, ran the self-cleaning function on my oven. Six years' worth of grime -- notably not that much, as I mostly cook on the stovetop and almost never cook meat -- went poof, just like it's supposed to. Didn't think those things really worked, but I've been proved wrong.

Rural TV
Discovered yet another new channel showing up on my Direct TV: RFD. This is a "rural" channel which apparently plays tons and tons of polka and country shows. The boys and I were watching it last night. Caleb says it reminds him of Vermont. I will check out that channel in future because maybe they'll play some Lawrence Welk reruns.