January 16th, 2008

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I'm glad I now have a window b/c it's actually, really, truly SNOWING out. Not sticking to ground (yet) but definitely falling snow. Not just sky dandruff.

Hasn't snowed here that I remember in several years. Actually it's only snowed maybe 4 times ever in 10 years. A couple of ice storms too. But anyway, totally distracted now...
sideview, obamame_sideview

I'm not such a big gadget person, but...

...lately I've been thinking I'd like to upgrade my trusty mobile phone. Mostly I want something that makes it easier for me to do email and very basic web look-ups without having to go through 12 menus and only get text results. My PEBL is cute and I can check my email and get to some web info, but easy and intuitive, it's not. Just not *meant* to do those things really. But look at this sweet phone now available from my provider, T-Mobile: Shadow. It would do everything I want re email, plus it has a color web browser thingy, syncs with Outlook, and has a pull-out keyboard. It's $150 with rebate. More than I can spend at the moment but oooh, will keep in mind! Maybe I should set a target, like some sort of goal re debt and such, and then if I reach it, I can get this new phone.


P.S. Still snowing.