January 22nd, 2008

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While I meant to spend the day Being Productive in actuality I didn't get done 1/4 of what I wanted to do.

However, I did:

- Pick up bedroom, main bathroom, do couple loads of laundry, make my bed
- Bake a chocolate cake
- Update several web sites
- Respond to a hell of a lot of email
- Put together some satisfying meals
- Solve at least a dozen online jigsaw puzzles
- Listened to "A King Celebration" on the radio
- Listened to a couple of hours of Classical, plus a lot of streaming electronica
- Watched a couple episodes of Animal Cops Houston
- Watched debut of AWESOME History Channel special, "Life After People"

Didn't leave the apartment but hey.

And tomorrow?
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Wait, is THIS the Matrix?

So I set not just my regular alarm but my phone alarm to go off at 6:30 so I can get to jury duty at 8. And they did go off. And woke me up.

But before that, I had nightmares inside nightmares inside nightmares about oversleeping. Yes, in my dream I'd realize I'd overslept, panic and then realize it was just a nightmare and I still had an hour left. Then I'd wake up and have to check the clock because I'd be so confused about the facts. And then I'd realize I was still in the dream. And then I'd wake up up and check the clock.

It's a wonder I actually got up!
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Jury duty, wifi

Just got back from lunch and am now back at the courthouse. Yes, I'm on my laptop and yes, there's wireless Internet. I came in this morning with just a book and read that rather sleepily all morning, but when they let us out for lunch I realized I could just go home, eat and grab my laptop. Now I can hopefully get some work done or if nothing else, find things to pass the time. So far the whole jury duty process here with the county has been pretty pleasant, organized. Since living in Atlanta I think I've had three jury summons before, but twice my jury group didn't have to come in and another time I was at the city court and they me go after an hour. Still, my favorite jury duty was the time I got called in for Essex county and had to go to Salem. Needless to say, Salem's courthouse is creepy.