January 26th, 2008

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Surgery Details

I didn't mention it anywhere in my LJ this week, but Friday I was scheduled for a septoplasty, as recommend by my allergist, who's also an ear/nose/throat doc. Basically what they do is straighten out your nasal septum and trim down some other junk higher up in the nose, which in some people is basically blocking airflow. My nose has always been blocked, I thought because it's always stuffed with crap, but I've never been able to unblock it, no matter how many times I blow my nose or what drugs I take. Thus the septoplasty, which corrects a physical problem.

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And for now, that's my story!
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Stumbling back into the world

After taking a shower and actually changing my clothes, I'm back from my first outing!

Managed to get to the local CVS and get my prescriptions -- antibiotics and pain killers. The antibiotics are to stop any infection in my nose, which makes sense, but I don't think I'll need the whole damn bottle of pain killers. 50 Lortabs? My nose is really sore and I've got a headache so it'll be good for that, but that should improve over the next couple of days. I would take aspirin but that encourages bleeding. Seen enough bleeding! Reminds me, boy, will I need to double up my iron pills this week!

I also picked up a bottle of saline spray, which I'm supposed to start using tomorrow. Not sure how that will work, as my nose is *completely* stopped up, mostly with the plastic stents they inserted to stabilize my airway, but also with yummy clots of dried blood. I suppose the spray will soften the crap and give me some nifty nosebleeds, but on the other hand, if it means I can stop this mouth-breathing, that'd be great. I keep falling asleep and waking up to find my tongue as dry as cardboard. I keep using a sprayer to moisten it up but that only last so long.

I think I will bring out the garbage and while I'm at it, check my mail. Netflix is supposed to deliver All About Eve and if this isn't the occasion to curl up and watch old movies, I don't know what is.