January 27th, 2008

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Flashback to 1977

Found this pic while visiting home at Christmas and Mom let me keep it.

It was my third birthday and Mom had made one her classic 1950s cakes -- a gingerbread man. Meanwhile, check out the awesomely 70s vinyl wallpaper. And wow, Mom's tan and I'm blond.
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The Nose

Survived the night without asphyxiating, which is, yes, a victory!

Went to bed around 1 and slept fairly soundly until 5:30, when I had to get up and service my nose. Lots of flushing with saline spray and poking with Q-tips. I wasn't even groggy afterward so I went online and played some games, read the news, and did a crossword puzzle until I was sleepy again.

Woke up several times after daybreak, not sure what time because I was really disoriented. I think the Lortabs (painkillers) might be inducing some extremely weird dreams and states of consciousness. I mean, weirder than usual ;) Like I keep having aural hallucinations (hearing things) and having this feeling like life is like one of those Russian nesting dolls. My dreams were totally off the wall; one bit I remember is being in a virtual world that was tied in to my physical body, then having my mother's virtual avatar chase me down a virtual hallway tickling my virtual armpits. Who knows, that might happen one day at the rate things are going!

Finally got up up at 9:45 and spent some quality time with my nose. The nasal passages are looking better since I started flushing them out with saline spray, as directed, but I'm concerned by a patch of skin on the underside of my nose. Yesterday it was just the kind of sore you get from using tissue too much but now it's discolored a bit and has a sort of film or scab over it. Looks funky to me. I put hydrogen peroxide on it and it fizzed a lot, so obviously there was some dead organics in it, but I can't get it to come off so I think it must be a scab. It's a little pink around the edges, which makes me worry it's an infection of some kind. I rinsed it with saline and hit it with some Bactine, but I'll be keeping an eye on it. If it looks iffy tomorrow morning I'll call my doctor, either the surgeon or the GP, and have them look at b/c I don't want flesh-eating bacteria eating up my nose, you know?
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Good things, and then there's my nose

Damn, I wish I could breathe. *Not* happy about the nose situation *at all*. Caleb and Daniel agree I should go in and have it seen to tomorrow. If there's one place I don't want an infection (or to overlook one) it's the tip of my nose.


Just took in All About Eve, which, it will surprise many to know, I had never seen below. Five stars! That really is one of those perfect movies -- acting, script, plotting, everything. Also revelatory is that I suddenly realized that Bette Davis does (and long has) reminded me of marchenland, which I hope the latter-mentioned considers a compliment. I'm not even talking about resemblance in terms of the character in the movie, but more the looks and the smarts behind it. Also, I really want all Anne Baxter's dresses.

My house is a mess, I have a million emails and probably voicemails to answers, but I don't really feel up to any of it. Maybe the dishes, as long as I don't bend over. It hurts my nose. I do feel like I have such a head cold though, even though I don't really. Sitting around watching TV and petting the cat seems more about my speed.

Other things?

For good things, Caleb made delicious *crepes* this morning! He had promised Daniel and me pancakes but outdid himself with crepes. Delicious! Other good thing, Daniel gave me a neck massage while the crepes were being readied. Third good thing, just tried on a dress of mine that hasn't fit in a while. While it's still a bit too tight for me to wear to work, in another ten pounds it'll be fine. Hopefully that'll be just in time for spring, which is perfect since it's sleeveless.

Bad things? My nose. The end.