January 28th, 2008


Monday not so funday

Surviving workday: check.

Enjoying surviving workday: no reponse.

Seriously, I'm faring OK, no bloody nose, no throwing up, no dizziness, no hallucinations (that I know of) and I can kind of breathe out of my nose, but duh, I'd rather be at home.

Also, I find it really annoying that I'm surrounded by MDs and RNs -- they are literally *everywhere* around here -- and am next door to a hospital, major clinics and med school and yet I can't just go up and scream "Ow, look at my nose!"
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Dream: The Holocaust of the Magicians

So last night I had this Harry Potter dream in which Magicians were being hunted down, exterminated and/or forced to assimilate vis a vis the Holocaust. Instead of the Muggles either denying the existence of Magic or being fooled by sly tricks, they were going around like the Gestapo, hunting down Magic communities to arrest, confiscate and imprison.

I was living in some kind of non-permanent dorm situation, almost like a summer camp, with a whole community of Magic people and we were so paranoid, with our bags packed ready to flee at any moment should They come to raid. And just like Rabbis protected the Torah, the head Magicians had these special carriers rigged up to save the most precious Magic works, so they could be smuggled out or hidden in time of siege. We were also booby-trapping the place so that any invading Muggles would be left to contend with all kinds of strange stuff, like possessed puppets, scary illusions, etc.

At one point we actually were in danger of being raided and because I could I guess pass as a Muggle I was sent out to run chores, so our building would look less suspicious, like somebody was hiding. It worked. Still, WTF is up with that?
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The Media Erupts!

John Stewart: "Wen did the Media become DON KING?!"

I was drinking a Coke when I watched this and I *seriously* had to work had not to snort it out my nose -- because my nose has been medically sewn shut, practically speaking.

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Beatles covers

Somehow whenever a bad Beatles cover comes on Beatlesradio.com live stream, it's not alone, but comes with equally gross friends.

Witness, the past 30 minutes:

I Am The Walrus - Jim Carey
Oh! Darling - Huey Lewis
Nowhere Man - Paul Westerberg

I think the Jim Carey is the most offensive, but that's probably my anti-Carey bias talking. That cover bugged me as much as the Robin Williams / Bobby McFerrin cover of Come Together (YouTube video... with no image, just sound).