January 29th, 2008

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Free! Autism

So I'm reading this article about a TV show's handling of autism and at the bottom are some "related" Google ads, including this one:

Free Grants for Autism
$10,000 in Free Grants for Autism Never Repay - Get Your Free Kit Now

OMG, did you say FREE grants? Where does the line start? I've been saving up for autism for years but now I might actually be able to afford it before I'm old and gray.
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Rec for Blog Host?

I've decided to start up a non-personal blog, focusing more on medical, environmental and social issues. It'll be off-LJ, but I'm wondering where. What to use? I love WordPress, but is there somewhere I can get that free, or do I have to get a cheap hosted account? (Doable, as I've set up WordPress blogs for clients, from scratch.) Or something hosted like Blogger? Other recs? I know people use all kinds of blog tools, just wondering if I could get a personal rec? I want something that I can nicely customize and would function as an online pub, pretty much.
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Blog. Solved.

Decided I did want to do WordPress but didn't want to have to pay for hosting, so I just set up a blog with WordPress.com. Um... duh! They have 60 templates and you can change the CSS and probably even do as much with the themes as if you have a paid account. Even if I can't change everything, it's enough for now and hey, if I do decide to get a paid account, I can either just pay for the spot I have or export it to another host.

More on the blog, when I'm done working on it.