January 31st, 2008

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Still don't have my nose back

So I get to my doctor and the nurse asks me if I got the message about how I didn't need to come in until next week. OK, so missing that message was my own fault. Gah. I did have to get my weekly shot anyway, so not a lost trip!

Anyway, turns out that my surgery was a little trickier than usual so he wants to give the nose a few more days to heal up, gain stability. He says he expects a very good outcome but it will be better if we wait... or I wait really. So. Several more days of stuffiness and hitting my nostrils with hydrogen peroxide.

The good news is that I can by this point breathe a little through my nose so it's not like over the weekend when I had to sleep with a mister to keep my mouth from turning to cardboard. Also, my sense of smell is back; yesterday for the first time all week I could actually smell the menthol in th menthol Kleenex I've been using. The smell is really strong so I was amazed that I couldn't get a whiff of it. Now I can though.

One thing that was funny? Two nurses and my doctor both reacted with real surprise when I said I'd been at work all week. "You went to work?!" Apparently most people who have what I had take a week off. A week?! I thought the fact I lazed around all weekend was pretty adequate. Sure, I was sluggish Monday a bit and uncomfortable all week, but I've worked late every day. Didn't I have any headaches? Queasiness? Swelling? Not really.

The main side effect I've had, besides stuff related directly to the nose, is that I get dizzy any time I put my hands or arms over chest level. Washing my hair, brushing my teeth, reaching for a glass on a shelf -- really wipes me out. I blame blood loss and low oxygen. I must be so anemic.

Another side effect, which apparently is normal, is that the front of the roof my mouth, including my front four teeth, are numb. Something to with jiggling the nerves inside your nasal passages knocks them out for a week to a month. I keep thinking I burnt my mouth or something but it's just numb.