February 5th, 2008

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All Systems Clear

I have my nose back!

Related reactions, comments, impressions:

1) Wow, has my airflow increased. When I inhale through my nose it's like a Dyson vacuum cleaner versus a Dustbuster handheld. And not just compared to not being able to breathe for a week and a half, I mean compared to the rest of my life. This whole new area of my nose has been opened up. Which was the very point of the operation, so yay!

2) The world smells a lot more than I remember. My sense of smell has never been all that great and maybe it was partially due to the inner nose problems. Because I swear I don't remember everything having a smell. I mean, I could smell before but now I'm detecting stuff I didn't know was there before. It's not entirely pleasant :>(

3) When I saw the things my doc pulled out of my nose, I was like "OMG, they are HUGE!" I knew they were fairly large but yeesh, as big as my pinky -- each? They were a good 1 3/4" inch long, like horrible rubber worm-tubes. Gah.

4) The numbing spray my doc put up my nose to make the "extraction" more comfortable tasted awful and has given me a sore, yet sort of numb, throat, plus a numb(er) mouth.

5) The doctor says it may take up to a year for all feeling in the roof of my mouth comes back. I think it has actually improved a bit in the past few days but we shall see. I think he just doesn't want to get my hopes up.

And now I will try to eat and get that horrible taste out of my mouth. Ew ew ew that anesthetic was disgusting.
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Income idea

Recent experience giving crash courses in Dreamweaver -- at Emory and then at home for a client -- makes me wonder... Would people pay for one-on-one tutoring on Dreamweaver? Web site basics? I know I'm a good teacher and I find it easy to teach both novices and more tech-savvy folks. In addition to Dreamweaver, I could instruct in a few other software apps I know well.

Ideas on what to charge?
Marketing ideas?

I know maintaining web sites isn't something everybody wants to do or even has in them to do, but I also think there are lots of people who could afford web sites, and have them, if they just had somebody show them how. Most of the stuff is pretty simple. Like I could easily assist somebody to set up WordPress, customize it and then show how to use it.