February 13th, 2008


Cat ow

While my nose generally is healing up nicely, I have to say, I'm getting annoyed with Luckie's persistent drive to BOP ME IN THE NOSE! It started the day after surgery and has continued on. Every morning she hops up on the bed to make sure I get up and when I'm not quick enough, she rams her snout forcefully right against the tip of my nose, sending a shock right to the septum. Ow! I'm now learning to anticipate this and pull back from her when I sense her gathering stretch because I can't take too much of that. I mean, it's cute and all, but ugh, not now!
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I hardly ever use bleach. So when my "hippie" cleaning how-to guide said to clean my shower grout with diluted bleach, I did so without thinking. And without using gloves. And without noticing how the dark blue washcloth turned pink all of a sudden. And without bothering to take off my long, black skirt. Which now has a whole series of brownish globs running down the front where I splashed myself and of course where I knelt down in pools of bleach. It's rather artistic looking actually. The grout is very clean, I will say that!

Meanwhile, priceless cleaning tip: Diluted vinegar cleans shower stall glass like nobody's business. I've used a dozen different cleaning products to try and get the glass clean, free of scum, streaks, etc., but simple white vinegar and water works like a charm. You don't even have to scrub it hard.
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