February 14th, 2008


Recipe - Carrot Patties

Just made up a recipe for carrot turnovers. Tastes good! I got the idea from a Scandinavian recipe I've made before for a "carrot pancake" that's made with a lot more eggs and flour and is baked in the oven. That tastes sort of like quiche. This is more like a super-healthy pancake.

Directions (for 5 turnovers):

Roughly chop up up 3 large carrots. Throw it in a food processor or blender, turn on high and get the things into small bits. Pour bits into a bowl and mix in one egg, about 4 heaping tablespoons of flour (I used potato flour), and some milk (1/4 cup). Mix this up until all the carrots are coated but there's some leftover egg-milk liquid. (The carrots should be able to stick together just enough.)

To cook, just heat up a skillet on high for 2 minutes and spoon the batter into pancakes. After cooking on high for about 3 minutes, turn down to medium-high. Then cook 3 minutes more, or until the egg-milk batter has congealed. Then flip each turnover and cook for 4 minutes more.

Serve hot with your choice of condiment -- horseradish, ketchup, sour cream. Would be good with soup, salad. Low cal and has protein.

P.S. Meanwhile I have a spicy sweet potato baking in the over. Not sure if I'll eat it tonight or reheat tomorrow.
ice cream

My Mashup: Chris-tian

So Project Runway's web site has this brilliant online app that lets you do video mashups using clips from the show, complete with music, transition, etc. Last night I made one and without much effort, it came out well!

Mashup: Chris-tian

It's mostly about Christian but it has Chris thrown in there two. They're my favorites.

One warning: I think the video might not play on Macs. I couldn't get it to plat on my work machine and Caleb couldn't get it either. But it runs fine on Firefox on PC.