February 23rd, 2008

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Sleep. Dreams. Weirdness.


So I was at Day 2 at a conference today, over at Georgia Tech, and both brain and body wore out around 3 so I went home. After a swing by B&N, arrived home, watched TV and hit the sack. This was at 6. Now, it was supposed to be a nap, but I had an idea it'd last until 3-4 a.m. So when I woke up about 10 minutes ago, I was like "Oh, cool, it's the middle of the night... Wouldn't it be cool to get up now and do stuff?" Imagine my surprise when I hit the button that lights up the face of my alarm clock and it glowed back "10:14." What!? That couldn't be right! I mean, a 4-hour nap isn't shabby but I now feel like I've "gained" time.

Meanwhile, OMG, did I have weiiiiiird dreams. Among many odd things going on: 1) showing off my teeny little electric car to my family... which includes Bill Cosby, 2) living in some amazing combo of trailer park / South Atlanta ghetto / Las Vegas strip with hookers, checks-cashed places, and really bad 24-hour Giant Foods, and 3) a traumatic accident nearly kills my bird Pell, but she recovers, turns blue and becomes a lot nicer, although bipolar not unlike Luckie. My little blue bird likes to hang out the pocket of my bathrobe.